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Refugee Response

With the renewed sense of urgency to care for those fleeing danger in their homeland, we are venturing together in a new way of serving our neighbors.


A Shared Journey

A handful of parishes and congregations of The Episcopal Church in the Kansas City area are teaming together with one another and partnering with Della Lamb to welcome our new neighbors with a loving embrace. Learn more about Della Lamb here:

New Additions

Same Crisis

The global refugee crisis has been ongoing for decades. By the end of 2020, there were over 82.4 million forcibly displaced persons worldwide (Source: UNHCR). Adding millions of Afghani persons to that total in 2021, with newly created systems for welcoming many into the USA, has re-heightened the sense of awareness and responsibility many feel help these fellow children of God. Learn more about refugees and see statistics here:

Image by Sohaib Ghyasi
Image by Maria Teneva

A Biblical Call

God's Care for Refugees

Both the Old and New Testaments are filled with commands for God's people to welcome the foreigner, supply for the needs of the stranger, and be a light to all peoples. Even toddler Jesus was a refugee (see chapter 2 of St. Matthew's Gospel). That same Jesus reminds us that loving our neighbors, while passionately loving God, is the essence of God's way of life for those who strive to live into the Creator's ordering for creation.

Donation Drive

Collect at your church - deliver as needed

Click to see this list of goods that can be collected, all of which are necessary for welcoming a new family. Assume you are collecting for a family of four, utilizing a full bed and two twin beds. (Note: per Federal mandate, mattresses must be new; other items should be new or gently used.) Once supplies are ready for a group (or groups) of four, inform Della Lamb so they can collect home welcome kits when a new family arrives.

ADDITIONAL NEED: Della Lamb is in need of more mattresses, as other items get donated more readily. Additional mattresses (must be new) are appreciated and can be collected by Della Lamb sooner than full welcome kits.

Clothes Donation


Create a sign-up list to ensure each item is collected as needed and avoid surpluses of individual items. 

REDEEMER: Watch the E-News and Sunday morning announcements for info on sign-ups and drop-off

Co-Sponsorship Team

Mark your interest in serving hands-on

From greeting at the airport, to setting up apartments, driving to appointments, going grocery shopping, helping with language-learning, and so much more, you can be involved in helping our new neighbors be set up for success in Kansas City, as well as build relationships with these new friends. A team (or teams!) of 15 to 25 persons can commit to working directly with refugee families to welcome our new neighbors. Read more and complete the interest form by clicking here.

Image by Sohaib Ghyasi
Image by Melinda Gimpel

Learn More

Reach out to these persons at your church for direct information about drives and donations:

Redeemer: Fr. Isaac Petty

St. Augustine's: Shirley Bolden

Grace & Holy Trinity: Joyce Morrow

Good Shepherd: Fr. Galen Snodgrass

St. Luke's: Fr. Isaac Petty

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