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Refugee Response

With the renewed sense of urgency to care for those fleeing danger in their homeland, we are venturing together in a new way of serving our neighbors.

Co-Sponsorship Team

Relational and Hands-on Work

A Co-Sponsorship Team is a group of roughly 15-25 people with a variety of skills who commit to walk with a refugee family for up to six months. The work begins with collecting necessities to set up a new home, welcoming at the airport, driving to appointments, helping enroll kids in school and activities, help with home care, and befriending these new neighbors as they adjust to life in an entirely unfamiliar place. While it might be all-hands-on-deck initially, the average commitment per person is only a few hours per month. 

The "Co" in Co-Sponsorship means this team partners with Della Lamb to see that all the family's needs are met. Della coordinates completion of legal forms, language learning, and more technical, case-worker specific support.

Watch the attached Youtube video to see a glimpse into Co-Sponsorship work.

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Della Lamb's team will vet and train our team and work to match our skills and abilities with families as they arrive. 

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