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Praying Hands


Redeemer’s clergy and lay pastoral leaders are honored to offer companion support in all of life’s darkest moments. When life is made difficult due to a new diagnosis, sudden loss, major changes, emotional or financial hardships, or other adversity, we are here to stand alongside you. If you have an emergency please dial 816.741.1136 ext. 107 and leave a message including your name, contact number, and a short description of your current need.  Redeemer's clergy will be notified immediately and will have access to your message and will return your call as soon as possible.  


If you would like to share a prayer request to be distributed through Redeemer’s prayer ministry, send a note to or leave a message at 816.741.1136 ext. 106. 


If you would like your prayer request shared confidentially with the clergy or to schedule a meeting for spiritual direction, contact the clergy directly via their phone numbers or email addresses, found here

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