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The Church of Redeemer has a very active Cursillo movement.  We have approximately 30 active Cursillistas (those who have attended a three day weekend). We’ve held two Ultreyas at Redeemer within the past year at which our Priest and Deacons participated.  Redeemer Cursillistas have formed reunion groups which meet regularly throughout the year. I’m pleased to say that we have outstanding participation from Redeemer Cursillistas in all aspects of the Cursillo movement.

Cursillo Movement . . . What is it?
Cursillo is a movement of the Episcopal Church under the authority of the Presiding and Diocesan Bishops. Bishop Wolfe and Bishop Field fully support Cursillo as does Father Behen. Redeemer is a part of the Heartland Episcopal Cursillo of the Diocese of Western Missouri and Kansas serving the Metropolitan Kansas City Areas. 
Cursillo is not an exclusive group within the Episcopal Church.  Everyone is invited to attend any Cursillo event with the exception of the three day weekend which requires a great deal of prayerful planning and advance reservations.  Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to attend group reunions and Ultreyas as frequently as possible.
Cursillo provides the opportunity for Christians to renew and deepen their commitment to Christ, to help others do the same, and to bring others to Christ. These things are accomplished through several venues.

The Three Day Weekend
is conducted by lay and clergy volunteers from parishes throughout the Kansas City area, enriches the faith of those attending and fosters ministry among lay people. Attendees are seeking ways to develop the focus of their lives as Christians. 
The Fourth Day
is the time after the Three Day Weekend. The Fourth Day never ends and is considered the most important part of the Cursillo movement because after the Three Day Weekend everyone is armed with the prayers and support of other Christians as they pursue Christian service.

Reunion Groups
are prayerful groups of Cursillistas (those who have attended a Three Day Weekend) who meet regularly to pray, share, and develop individual plans for Christian action.

The Heartland Episcopal Cursillo has a monthly gathering of Cursillistas from the Kansas City Metropolitan area called Ultreya. We meet at one of 16 parishes through-out the area and share a pot luck dinner, music, prayer and lively discussion surrounding piety, study or action. Ultreyas usually last approximately 90 minutes.
To find out more:

Ultreya Format

Friday Nights - 6:30 - 8:30
Saturday - 10:00 - 12:00

Face to Face Ultreya's cancelled until further notice!

Watch your email for links to our first attempts at Zoom Ultreya’s. Keep safe!
- Your Heartland Servant Community Leaders

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