Music Sheets


All Glory and Praise be to God

The Music Ministry at Redeemer is under the direction of Jacki Hunt and Margaret Henrion.  The program consists of the Redeemer Choir and Sunday Morning Worship Praise Band directed by Jacki Hunt, the Children’s Sunday School Choir under the direction of Amy Baker and Kathy Cowger, Senior Organist, Jacki Hunt, and Director of Music Emeritus, Margaret Henrion.

The Redeemer Choir is a multi-generational and vibrant choir that strives to enhance and compliment worship by providing leadership for service music and special music.  The choir sings many genres of music all designed to inspire the congregation and bring a deeper understanding of God’s word through song.  The choir rehearses Wednesday evenings from 7:30 to 8:30 and is open to all who are interested in singing, there are no auditions.

The Children’s Sunday School Choir meets before Sunday School and is designed to enrich the lives of our children by teaching them age-appropriate songs that they can carry in their hearts for a lifetime.  They perform several times a year and provide a major role in the yearly Christmas Pageant.

The Praise Band consists of an acoustic and electric guitar player, Greg Hejna, electric bass player, Mike Cowger, flute and keyboard player, Deana Wagoner, woodwind and percussion player, Ron Mundt, and keyboard and director, Jacki Hunt.  The goal of the praise band is to add inspirational accompaniments to the worship music throughout the year and special music on occasion.  

The senior organist, Jacki Hunt provides leadership at the 10:30 am worship service through preludes, postludes, hymn accompaniments, and special solos throughout the year. She also directs all special music for the summer season and at special church services.  

Director of music, Emeritus, Margaret Henrion provides music leadership at the 8:00 service through service music and special music as needed.

All of our music groups at Redeemer are led by talented musicians who have devoted themselves, without hesitation to our church.  All Glory and Praise be to God.