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Women's Bible Study

The Summer 2023 Women’s Bible Study of the Book of Hebrews continues on Tuesday, June 6.  This week we will discuss Chapter 2, which is about Jesus as a Truly Human Being – in the words of N.T. Wright.  To focus our conversation, we use some of Wright’s questions from his study guide about Hebrews.  We welcome a wide range of Bible translations and each person’s contributions from her own background.

All on the WBS roster, newcomers, and friends are welcome - weekly or occasionally. As during the school-year, we meet on Tuesdays at 10:00am at Redeemer to share our reflections about the week’s material. Around 11:30 or so we move on to an optional lunch at a local restaurant. To keep it summer-simple, if you want more than water to drink, please bring your own beverage.  

The discussion questions are emailed to those on our roster, and are available in hard copy at the meeting.  You can prevue chapter 2 by looking over Psalm 8 and the second half of Psalm 22.  For more information contact Judy Carpenter by phone or text at 785-393-0377.

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