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Children Reading the Holy Bible



Out of 168 hours in the week one hour is devoted to church.
This does not seem like enough. But over a lifetime...

Our goal is to show and teach God’s children, from newborn to adulthood, not only the traditions of our Episcopal church but the whole of Christianity.


**No Sunday School May 28th or June 4th**

Sundays June 11th-August 6th


10:00 a.m.~optional continental breakfast in Coffelt Hall

10:15-11:15 a.m.~meet for program in the Sunday School area

11:15 a.m.~join parents in church or for pickup in Coffelt Hall

Children will learn one or two of the 10 Commandments each week through lessons, music, crafts and games, with a focus on FUN!!  Our program is appropriate for children ages 3 through fifth grade. Participants do not need to be members of Redeemer, so invite friends, cousins, neighbors. etc.  

Middle and High Schoolers are encouraged to sign up as helpers.  Parents, grandparents are always welcome to participate.

We will need registration forms filled out by parents/guardians prior to the first attended session. Please reach out to Paula Grayson ( with any questions. 

Bring your children to Sunday School each week so that they can prepare their hearts for God’s mighty word and begin a journey of Christian formation that will last a lifetime. 

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