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Why does Redeemer matter to you? What do you believe that Redeemer has to offer to others? These are some of the questions that have been at the center of the conversations in the Redeemer Connections program. They are questions that matter a lot as we wonder together what God might be calling us to be as a community of Jesus’ followers.


I personally believe that Redeemer, in many little ways and in some big ways, reflects God’s love back out to those who are paying attention. When curious seekers walk in on Sunday mornings, when neighbors seek help at the Northland Infant Clothing Center, and when the hungry are fed at the SPEAC food pantry, they tell us that they feel and see and hear things that draw them back again and again. They are moved by something here - an antidote of sorts for what they feel and see and hear elsewhere. We know what that something is. And we know how much it has meant to us.

We can’t end hunger in the world, or the marginalizing of the powerless, or the aggression of those with most of the world’s resources. But we can name the truth about those things. And we can live something different at Redeemer. Our sincere hope is that Redeemer continues to strengthen our ability to be that place for people for many generations to come.


To that end, Redeemer’s Ingathering of Pledges will take place on Sunday, November 20th. Please think and pray about your financial support for Redeemer as we look forward to what Redeemer can be in the future. Please make your pledge online below or bring your cards with you on the 20th so that we can offer them together to our Lord’s work in this place.


In Jesus Christ our Lord,

Fr. Joe Behen, Rector


If you submit on this form, please do not duplicate your pledge using a paper form submitted at the church. Either option (paper or virtual) will get the information to the right place. 

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