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We are so excited to share our completed Parish Profile, which can be found down below the committee pictures!!


On behalf of the entire Search Committee, Anthony Garcia & Todd Puntney


Holy Cow Power Point Presentation

Parish Profile 2024

Our prayer for a new Rector 

O God, who has blessed and sustained us  through the years: we ask that you continue  to lead us, stretch us, and direct us in our  search for a new rector. Raise for us, we  pray, a priest and pastor who will boldly  proclaim your Gospel, faithfully administer  your sacraments, and serve your people with  love and compassion, that we may continue  to grow in the likeness of Christ and be a  beacon of love and hope to our community  and the world. To the glory of your Holy  Name. Amen. 












Who we are, who we seek 

At our core, the Episcopal Church  of the Redeemer is an affirming, inclusive, and loving community of faithful people committed to  serving Christ and making Him known. We welcome all people, as unique creations of God, to fully participate at all levels in our common life and worship. 

With more than 350 active members and an average Sunday attendance of more than 100 worshippers, our vibrant and multi-generational parish is diverse, active, and  eager to serve. Through multiple  ministries, programs, and events, we believe that serving one an other and the wider community is  an essential way to express God’s love in action. We also yearn to do more. While a  stable church with mature pro grams, a balanced budget, and  high levels of parishioner satisfaction, the top three priorities from our recent parish-wide survey  highlight our desire to connect. 

Top 3 priorities 

based on parish-wide survey 

• Develop and implement a comprehensive strategy to reach new people  and incorporate them into the life of  the church. 

• Make necessary changes to attract families with children and youth to  our church. 

• Develop ministries that work toward  healing those broken by life circumstances. 

The Spirit is  in motion around us, beckoning us  to be in motion also. 

And so we look for a new rector  who will: 

Inspire and connect people to  God’s Word. 

Guide us in shaping our vision  and lead us toward its realization. 

Engage people empathetically and  care for them in times of need. 

“Try it; you might like it! Harmonious. All ages.

Inclusive. Variety. Comfortable size. Guided by  

scripture, tradition, and reason our mission is

to share the Creator’s Love with all, respecting

the uniqueness of each one. Come and see!” 

“I love Redeemer because we are open and loving.

It has been our church family for over 40 years.” 

“I am a cradle Episcopalian and Redeemer has

become a warm and comfortable home for me.

I look forward to time  spent worshiping  and

doing God’s  work with fellow Redeemerites in 

the presence.”  Help us fulfill our commitment

to  being the church God has called  us to be. 


"The first time I entered this church, I felt joy and peace.

The community was fantastic  and welcoming. I finally

found home."

“Church of the Redeemer has been my

church home for a long  time. Redeemer’s

family is resilient,  caring, fun, and recognizes

that we  are not all at the same spot in our 

faith journeys…and that is fine.  We honor the

importance of the  liturgy and tradition in the

worship service, it is okay to have some  levity

coming from the sanctuary,  and our music

consists of traditional as well as much loved

praise  music. I guess you could say we  are a

more laid back traditional  Episcopal church



"I was Catholic.  I visited all the area churches and

never felt welcome or noticed. I knew from  the

moment I walked in to Redeemer that I had found my 

church home! So welcoming!” 


“Have we got a deal for you!  Come, come as you are.

Just  come!” 



“We are active members of  Church of the Redeemer

because  of the people who consistently  and sincerely

welcome all into the community. Individual

conversations, prayer groups, and adult formation

sessions reinvigorated  my faith and help me grow

that part  of my life. I'm truly grateful.” 

“We came to Redeemer the summer of 2014. The first

Sunday we arrived we were taken out to lunch  by two

couples to welcome us. Another lady took our picture to 

put the parish book. Talk about a  welcome! We enjoy the

potlucks  and adult classes. The outreach to others is so special.”

“The best thing about Redeemer for me

is that I feel valued and im portant. It is

not just a church but a family where we

support and  love each other.” 

“Redeemer is not only our church, but our

family. Our children live  out of state and we

only get to be  with them two or three times a 

year. We love how they greet us  with open arms

and share the  Lord and their lives!” 

“Redeemer has been our church  home for over 30

years. I have  seen many changes, both good  and

bad. No matter what, the core  of the church remains

real and  loving. The church has never been  afraid of

change and the people work together to make sure each 

person is valued. Teaching has al ways been part of the

church too  with many different leaders, both  clergy and lay people.” 




Todd Puntney

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